Empty Nester Bucket List: Before They Leave

Background: Currently I have a Freshman in High School and an 8th grader.  I know I still have a few more years till I am officially an Empty Nester.  But it has definitely started to sink in this year.  Most likely because my 15-year-old is starting to become a full-fledged teenager (looks, attitude, and all).  After much midnight sobbing in fear of what is to come, I’ve decided I should make the most out of their childhood years, as much as possible.  So this is why I created a “Before They Leave” List:

This list is not set in stone as I may add to it from time to time.  And some of it might not make sense but I’ll explain as I check them off
#1 Find a Home Church (DONE)

#2 Join/Participate in the PTA (DONE)

#3 Play Outside Activities with them

#4 Teach them to drive (IN PROGRESS – Waiting for son to take his required online course!)

#5 Eat at Dining Table Regularly

#6 Develop a True Weekly Routine at Home

#7 Help them with a Struggling Subject (IN PROGRESS – Currently, French and Spanish)

#8 Write them a Letter For them to read on their Graduation Day

#9 Give them something to keep and pass down to their children

#10 Learn How to say “No” even if they really want something (IN PROGRESS – Hubby is helping me with this!)

#11 Teach them to cook a few Filipino Dishes (Currently teaching them the Basics)

#12 Have them Memorize one Bible verse they can store in their heart

#13 Have them Create 1,3,5 year plans

#14 Take a Road Trip (DONE – Atlanta & New Orleans)

#15 Make 2014 a Year of “Firsts

I have an “After They Leave List” that I will probably end up posting closer to their graduation dates..



  1. I found myself tearing up after reading this… I know the very same desires. I can only hope I live long enough to complete the same sort of list with my children. My wife and I have lost three children… many angry shouts at God. Many, many tears. We have two beautiful children now… Our daughter who is 8, and son who is 6. All I ever wanted in my life was to put a baby into my father’s hands, but he passed before we could. I hope I get to see my grandchildren. I’m trying to stay strong… But this current world is making it so damn difficult.

    Many hopes of good fortune to you and your family.

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